Welcome !

The MSAD#27 Community Wellness Center opened its doors to the students, school staff and NMMC employees on November 1, 2014.

Marissa Albert designed the new space and laid out the floor plan for the equipment. Thanks to the Rotary Club, a sign at the entrance to the wellness center has been designed and adorns the entrance.

Because our seasons are so short, the weight training offers benefits for muscle strengthening and injury prevention.” He went on to say that he will be working with coaches to eventually make this part of every sports training program.

Peter Caron, Wellness Team member and MSAD #27 Director of Adult Education said, “We are committed to focus on wellness for staff and students –physical as well as emotional.”

In addition to the students who utilize the facility on a daily basis, Caron indicated, that between the school staff and NMMC employees, there are currently a total of thirty six members signed up to use the new facility.

Caron said, “We are still fine tuning the operations of the Wellness Center but it remains our goal to take this project to the next level of opening the facility to the public.”