MSAD#27 Early Learning Center

MSAD#27 Early Learning Center

85 Pleasant Street

Fort Kent, ME 04743

Adult education in Maine is a statewide system of more than 100 connected learning programs and centers from Kittery to Fort Kent and everywhere in between.

Family Literacy makes families stronger. We believe families that learn together, grow together. Our Family Literacy program works with parents and their children, age birth through eight years old. Our programs has four parts:

1. Adult Education

2. Early Childhood Education

3. Parenting Education

4. Interactive Literacy Activity (ILA) Time

Your family is where learning takes off. Family learning is already in your home and in everything you do. You can help your child learn even more by participating in Family Literacy through MSAD #27.

Children need their family’s help to succeed in school and in life. Adults need to keep building their skills to keep up with a changing world. Family Literacy puts both children and adults on the path to success. Family Literacy helps children and adults succeed in school and life.

Family literacy services are available at no cost to MSAD #27 families who qualify. Families can enroll any time. Don’t wait! Call 834-3536 now!

Family Literacy courses give people the guidance, support, and training neccessary to improve their literacy skills and the literacy skills of their family.Click here to view our Family Literacy brochure!

We offer participating families a full range of services, including: High School Diploma, GED Preparation, and College-Ready courses; reading, writing, and math skills classes; Computer Skills Classes; Parent Education Sessions; Early Childhood Testing; Early Childhood Language and Vocabulary Development; Early Childhood Pre-reading and Early Reading Services; Gross Motor Skill and Social Skill Development for Infants and Toddlers; and Transportation.

Individual participation schedules arranged!

GED & High School Completion courses help people complete their high school education.

Business & Skills Training courses help prepare Maine citizens by providing the modern skills training necessary for new careers, promotions, and other career advancement.

College Transitions courses assist people of all ages wishing to make the transition into college-level courses. Thinking about college?Click here to view our College Access Program brochure!

Personal enrichment courses include lessons in skills such as cooking, exercise, and computers, and also include a variety of unique and fun experiences!

Senior College courses are available for people over 50. Looking to learn a new subject, want to connect to others?Click here to view the St John Valley Senior College Webpage

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In any economy, Adult Education courses are great choices because they are local, affordable, and are designed to fit within your schedule.